Credble Solutions
Home Automation
arrow Surveillance Automation
arrow Access Control Automation
arrow Energy Management Automation
arrow Metering: Consumption information for water, Gas and Electricity & threshold setting, alerts and Alarms
arrow Lighting Automation
arrow Entertainment Automation
arrow Automation Interfaces
arrow Internet connectivity for remote access to home
arrow Panic switches in bedroom & Toilets
arrow Emergency/Panic button on touch display
arrow LPG leakage, heat, smoke and heat detectors wherever necessary
Home Automation
arrow EMF Trunkey Solutions
arrow Benchmarking Solutions for IBS
arrow Building Management System
arrow RO Automation
Wired and Wireless Electricity, Water and Gas AMR
Pre-Paid Metering for Electricity, Gas and Water
arrow Home Automation
Water Tank Level Control and Monitoring
arrow Street Lights Management
arrow Security and CCTV